jay gatsby’s car was a real hit with the ladies


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Adam said that after eleven LONG, FRUSTRATING, EMOTIONAL, PAINSTAKING months, MY FACE AND CORNERS ARE PERFECT AND MY HARD WORK ON MY UPPER REGISTER HAS PAID OFF!!! Still work to do in terms of centering some pitches right away and getting used to my new mouthpiece, but really, the right mouthpiece for your face can make all the difference in the world. I feel like a new person. I feel like I can play horn again. The passion is back. My life has meaning once again. Yes. #slightlyoverdramatic

Okay, back to the regularly programmed stress… With a slightly more optimistic outlook.

Also ry- your comment killed me. Love you, dude. andeanjazz

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When Pablo Casals reached 95, a young reporter threw him a question: ‘Mr. Casals, you are 95 and the greatest cellist that ever lived. Why do you still practice six hours a day?’ And Mr. Casals answered, ‘Because I think I’m making progress.’"
Dr. Maxwell Maltz, quoted in Bits & Pieces, June 24, 1993, p. 12. (via lollylovescheese)

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So stressed.
Lesson this morning, should go well but I’ve been busy so not all my transpositions are down.
Papers due Thursday, Monday, and then two a week until December. Then I’ve got final projects to worry about.
Ear training exam next week.
Musicology exam in two.
Two books to finish by next Wednesday (and one we just got this last weekend).
Three concerts in the next three weeks.
And I have to make it downtown this weekend for an interview and if I get the job THEN WHAT.


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Let’s Go For A Hike
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